Wednesday, May 03, 2006

New bankroll, new start

So I did go busto! Spent most of the money, lost the rest. Was a very fun ride... new game plan is proper bankroll strategy and lots of grinding!!! Have exams June 5-16 so will need to do lots of studying for that and a friend coming over for a couple weeks so until summer won't be able to play nearly as much as I want to but started today with $200 on stars. Playing $25 SHNL is the game plan, lots of tables, lots of hands... when I get to 20 buy-ins - 35 buy-ins for the next level I can move up provided I am beating the current level for ~ 10 big bets / 100 hands.

Hopefully will be doing lots of bonus whoring too on casinos and poker sites. Will post updates here and big monthly graphs ala zeebo. Today played 1373 hands, bankroll on $233.60 (remember I started with $200 my own $$)

roll: $233.60


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